Australia’s Most Livable City Has Been Officially Announced And It’s No Syd

Melbourne has been named Australia’s most liveable city, beating previous leader Adelaide. South Australians are no doubt figuring out how to arm that giant metal dove in Rundle Mall and get revenge right now.

The ranking comes from The Economist’s Economist Intelligence Unit. Each year it compiles the Global Liveability Index report, which placed Adelaide as the third best city in the world to live in in 2021. Unfortunately, it dropped to thirtieth place this year.

As an Adelaidean born and bred, I take great offense at this. Of course I haven’t lived there permanently since I was a teenager, but I stand behind Adelaide as one of the best Australian cities.

It has better beaches than Sydney and better food than Melbourne. It may not be the busiest of the capital, but I’ve had much better evenings in Adelaide than in Sydney. You can fight me in the comments about this.

But unfortunately, the economist disagreed. Melbourne is now Australia’s top city, ranking tenth in the world. It’s a bit of a sneaky top ten placement, though: Melbourne is on par with Osaka in Japan for the spot.

An outrageously good job to Melbourne I think. But it still hasn’t ascended to its loftiest heights – Melbourne was ranked as the most livable city in the world from 2011 to 2018.

Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews seemed pretty chuffed with the rankings though.

“The city is back. We are thriving and Victorians can be very proud of what they have achieved,” he told The Guardian.

According to Economist Intelligence Unit, some Australian cities have slipped due to their COVID-19 restrictions.

“Some states have been slower in lifting restrictions than others. As a result, Perth and Adelaide have lost ground since last year,” the report said.

For the record, Perth dropped from sixth to 32nd and Brissy dropped from tenth to 27th.

Somehow, however, Sydney only dropped from 11th to 13th place. I’m not sure how a city can be considered livable when it’s virtually impossible to buy a house and finding a clearing in the CBD on a Sunday night is like trying to complete a World of Warcraft quest. But hey, I guess I’m not the expert.

You may be wondering who topped the list.

Why it was Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Vienna took first place over Auckland in New Zealand, which dropped from first to 34th place this year. Like Australia, New Zealand fell in the ranks due to COVID restrictions.

The report said both Australia and New Zealand’s COVID waves in 2021 meant they “no longer have a COVID advantage over well-vaccinated European and Canadian cities” according to the ABC. So we can blame Omicron for this too.

Whatever the Economist Intelligence Unit thinks, Rad-elaide (as the locals call it) will always be number one in my heart. Maybe it’s time they build another big damn bird for guaranteed first place placement.

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