Australia: Heavy rainfall causes severe flooding in Sydney

July 3, 2022 08:44

Large parts of the Australian city of Sydney were flooded on Sunday, while heavy rains on Australia’s largest city led to severe flooding in low-lying areas, with flooding reaching 1.5 meters in some suburbs.

The New South Wales Emergency Service has advised residents in several areas to evacuate their homes and warned that rain was expected to continue until at least Monday.

According to media reports, the area around Sydney has already received four times the normal amount of rain for the entire month of July.

The Australian Meteorological Service has warned that water levels in the area could rise at least as high as in March when severe flooding hit large parts of the lower parts of the city.

She said the water behind the Waragamba dam had already overflowed. Meteorologist Jonathan Howe told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that in the village of Menangel, about 70 kilometers southwest of Sydney, the water level in the river had already reached 16.5 meters, just below the record high of 16.8 meters measured in April 2022.

Source: agencies

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