Aussies share the petty relationship-ending battles they had with an ex on the Kyle and Jackie O show

Australians share the petty fights they had with an ex that caused them to end the relationship, including a spit over fridge magnets and a fussy mother-in-law.

Kyle and Jackie O posed the question to listeners on their best radio breakfast show after seeing a story about a couple who broke up over a minor disagreement while on vacation in Paris — a scenario the host dealt with personally.

In an article in the Huffington Post, a woman said she was in Paris with her husband who had only planned a day of sightseeing because she wanted to spend some time relaxing in a cafe.

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Kyle and Jackie O (pictured left with her ex-husband Lee Henderson) asked listeners to call in and share the petty feud they had with a former partner that led to the end of the relationship

“She went after him and just thought you know what I’m going to end up with with this — she thought, I don’t want to see anything, so that’s why our marriage is over,” paraphrased Jackie O.

“I remember when we were in Paris, Lee and I had a big fight in a cafe, we went there for dinner…2018.

Jackie said she only wanted to order a croissant, but her then-husband was “embarrassed” to ask for the pastry for dinner.

“I thought he was way too judgmental of me. I said ‘we’re in Paris! If you can’t get a croissant here, where can you get a croissant?” she recalls.

“He would be embarrassed that I ordered a croissant for dinner because they would look at me like a stupid tourist.”

Belinda, who had been with her husband for 21 years, got divorced after an argument over who moved his fridge magnets:

Belinda, who had been with her husband for 21 years, got divorced after an argument over who moved his fridge magnets: “What a mess with fridge magnets!”

Other Ridiculous Reasons Couples Have Given for Flash Breakups

“It was too difficult to park at her apartment.”

‘Ex told me she broke up with her first boyfriend because she didn’t feel like buying his birthday present. Then I broke up with me two weeks before mine…’

‘She scraped her teeth on her cutlery as she ate. I just couldn’t.’

‘She said I ate ‘poor human food’. I am poor. What do you expect, steak and lobster every night?’

‘I like to cook, especially breakfast foods. She didn’t like eggs. I’m like, can I really spend the rest of my life with someone who won’t eat eggs with me on weekend mornings when we’re old? No I couldn’t.’

‘He spoke with a very dignified accent and called his mother ‘mama’. It hurt me so much after a few weeks.’

“He got a haircut. It looked so bad that I realized I wasn’t really attracted to him and just liked the attention.’

The hosts then opened the phone lines for others to call about the “minor” fights they had with their spouse that led to the relationship ending.

Belinda, who had been with her husband for 21 years, got divorced after an argument over fridge magnets.

“I was sitting in the living room on my iPad minding my own business, my husband was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I hear banging and I hear ‘who is the jerk who moved my fridge magnets?’,” she said.

Belinda realized that her young daughter had moved the magnets on the refrigerator, but took the blame herself for causing her husband to explode.

“After five minutes of ranting about fridge magnets, I thought no — what a hassle with fridge magnets,” she laughed.

Skye, of Campbelltown, New South Wales, ended a 10-year relationship over a meddling mother-in-law.

“His mom just didn’t respect our boundaries, she just kept going to the house all the time and I finally told her to stop coming over to basically get out and that was it – he stood up for her and not for her.” me,” she said.

Skye said her mother-in-law 'wouldn't respect their boundaries' and when confronted her husband sided with his mother

Skye said her mother-in-law ‘wouldn’t respect their boundaries’ and when confronted her husband sided with his mother

“I’m so glad—I haven’t had anything to do with her in six months.”

Five years into her relationship, Kia said a “pretentious” comment about bacon from her boyfriend caused the couple to split up.

“He wanted a Caesar salad for dinner, we went to the supermarket and I said okay, what else do you want in the Caesar salad?” she explained.

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“He says ‘don’t have bacon, have pancetta, because we’re not poor, we’re not from Campbelltown, let’s have pancetta’ — I don’t even think we ended up eating that night.”

Jenny from Mossvale said her ex-husband, who was reckless with money, would force her to write down a strict budget for household expenses and then get mad if she didn’t do it to his liking.

“Throughout the relationship, he would spend the money so he would go to sites like the racing sites, and all those other quick quick schemes for money, and he always said to me ‘write a budget, write a budget,'” she said.

“I used to write with these budgets and every time he went out of his head because I wasn’t doing the budget right.”

John said his mother ended her 37-year marriage to her father because he was adamant against installing the National Broadband Network in their home.

“The day the man came out to put it on, she left when he continued and the man wouldn’t put him on, so she said, damn it, I’m out of here,” he said.

The hosts asked why his father didn’t want the NBN in his rural NSW homes to which John replied: ‘He’s just a scrooge! He couldn’t even operate a cell phone, let alone the Internet.”

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