Auckland stabbing: ‘Multiple people injured’ in random mass knife attack – World News

A knifeman has raged in Auckland, stabbing several people before he was knocked down by construction workers with a crutch and police were able to arrest him, according to witnesses.

Emergency services rush to mass stabbing in Auckland

Emergency services are rushed to what appears to have been an indiscriminate mass stabbing that resulted in multiple injuries in Auckland.

A witness said a man in a hoodie came out of Seaton Avenue on Auckland’s north coast and started stabbing people.

She claimed the knifeman was stopped by construction workers who used a crutch to knock him down and had the police arrest him.

Police have apprehended the attacker and he is now in custody while they have confirmed there are injuries.

“Emergency services are on hand at an incident in Murrays Bay where a number of people are believed to have been injured,” a police spokeswoman said.

Witnesses said the knifeman was knocked down with a crutch

“At this early stage, we are still working to confirm the exact number and nature of the injuries.”

Police have closed the area to traffic and asked people to avoid the area.

A woman walking a dog said she first chased the hoodie man after a 17-year-old girl who was screaming.

“We thought she was acting crazy, she was screaming,” she said, reported

“He stabbed two people, totally randomly… it all happened very quickly.”

The woman reportedly said the knifeman was only about 20 meters away and that he was stopped by construction workers with a crutch.

Another witness said the attack took place in Murrays Bay and then Mairangi Bay.

“People are screaming. Everything happens so quickly. People were running, and the police were there at the same time with big guns, and they have someone on the ground at the time,” she reportedly said.

There were other reports of many police arriving at the scene.

A local resident in Mairangi Bay claimed he saw “quite a bit of police” in the area.

He added: “I saw three or four passing in the direction of Murrays Bay and also an ambulance.”

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