Yesterday (May 13), singer Keyshia Cole took to Instagram to message her rumored boo, Antonio Brown. In a two-part IG story, the singer posted photos of her and the athlete sitting side by side. Her captions read, “I miss him a lot” and “Miss him! a lot.”

Social media users had already speculated that the two might be together after their recent musical collab, but now it appears those theories were fact. In response to Keyshia’s post, AB decided to respond. However, it was not what people expected.

He didn’t post a romantic photo and said he missed her too. Instead, for the second time, he shared a video of a woman’s back with “AB” tattooed in the bottom left corner. When he first posted the clip in April, it was believed by many to be Keyshia, but now it’s being confirmed.

Gabe Ginsber/Getty Images

The former NFL player not only shared the video with his eight million followers, but also played their collaborative song “Don’t Leave” over it. His caption read: “‘You ain’t pimpin’ until you hit an RnB diva’ #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.” It didn’t take long for users to put the pieces together and discover that he and Keyshia had more than just a working relationship.

In response to his video, the “Love” singer commented below: The Shade Rooms message about the situation. She wrote: “This is the second time you posted this @AB but the captions have changed, don’t be mad at me, no more baby, I said sorry.”

While it’s unclear what exactly she’s apologizing for, the fact that she changed the caption could be due to him removing a hashtag. When he first uploaded the post, he also tagged #ABonHerBackEnd, but now it’s gone.

Check out the posts below.

Image via Instagram