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Anne Diamond was met with a reaction when wildlife enthusiasts were horrified by the presenter who candidly shared an anecdote about her experience netting her trees to prevent nests. Ms Diamond discussed co-host Paul Hawkins rescuing a pigeon from a net outside number 10, Ms Diamond said she had a similar accident in her own yard. The GB News host said: “I had that problem at home when a pigeon got caught in the net near my trees.

“I tried to prevent them from nesting in the trees and eventually a pigeon got stuck in the net.

“And then I thought, ‘What do I do about it? Do I save the pigeon or do I just let it die?’

“In the end I made it and it took forever, and it drove the dog crazy, apart from everything else, because it fluttered.

“I thought, ‘I can’t just let it die, that’s just cruel’.”

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She continued: “So I cut it and took it down and his wing got completely entangled in the net.

“It took hours to get it out of the net and eventually I managed and it jumped off.

“He was very confused, he jumped off and managed to fly into the neighbor’s yard.

“He then jumped onto the road and was hit by a truck.”

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And @RozieWhite added: “No way! I thought she had more about her than that…

‘Why would you do that? I feel privileged when birds nest with me.

“I had a robin for a year in my hanging basket near my kitchen window. We had to crawl not to disturb it!”

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