Angela Rayner accuses Dominic Raab of snobbery after Opera Jibe

Angela Rayner has accused Dominic Raab of “snobbery” after he joked about her attending an opera.

The deputy Labor leader told the justice minister he needed to “learn a lesson about opening up the arts to everyone, regardless of their background”.

Raab winked at Rayner before suggesting she was a “champagne socialist” for attending the Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

Last week, The Telegraph published photos of Rayner sipping bubbles before watching Figaro’s wedding, as an RMT strike brought the rail network to a halt.

Asked by the Prime Minister, Raab said: “Where was she when the comrades were on the picket line last Thursday? Where was she when the front seat of Labor joined them instead of standing up to the public?

“She was drinking champagne and listening to opera at the Glyndebourne music festival. Champagne socialism is back in the Labor Party.”

In a statement following the clash in the House of Commons, Rayner hit back: “My advice to the Deputy Prime Minister is to get rid of the snobbery and refresh his opera.

“The Marriage of Figaro is the story of a working-class woman who gains the upper hand over a privileged but stupid villain.

“Judging by his own performance today, Dominic Raab could learn a lesson about opening up art to everyone, regardless of their background.”

Raab’s actions were labeled “bizarre” by critics, while Labor MP Toby Perkins tweeted: “I will never unseen Dominic Raab’s wink from Angela Rayner’s shipping box. I feel soiled.”

Rayner replied on Twitter: “Imagine how I feel!”

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