Ana de Armas’s striking physical change since her arrival in Hollywood

lIt’s not just with age that Anne of Arms‘body has evolved. The Cuban-born artist has reached a point of physical and mental maturity from which she makes the most of her Hollywood adventure.

Since her arrival on the other side of the pond eight years ago, the actress has gone through an impressive evolution.

Sports, a must

After a while, Anne of Arms has become a regular at the gym and trains constantly.

The Cuban actress practices kickboxing and is on a diet with the aim of shaping her body depending on the role she has to play.

A few months ago we could have seen her in the latest James Bond, and now the actor has conscientiously prepared to resemble the figure of the unforgettable Marilyn Monroefor a Netflix production titled ‘Blonde’.

As told to Women’s Health magazine, Ana de Armas started kickboxing before getting her chance in “007: No Time to Die,” which was released in 2021. The sport allows the actress to work on her coordination, in addition to improving her physical tone.

However, for her role as Paloma, a contact of the character played by Daniel Craigshe only had three weeks of preparation, according to the specialized sports and nutrition media.

Good nutrition and excellent skin care

Ana de Armas's striking physical change since her arrival in Hollywood

According to the magazine Anne of Arms uses psycho-nutrition to avoid uncontrolled food intake and to prevent emotions from dominating her diet. A diet based on balanced and healthy products.

Finally, Women’s Health emphasizes that in addition to nutrition and exercise, the performer also uses techniques such as yoga.

Ana de Armas's striking physical change since her arrival in Hollywood

Not only that, she also uses daily skin care products, such as moisturizers like Gua Sha, to keep her face healthy.

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