Amtrak crash: 2 sisters standing in front of toilet identified among dead

Sisters Rachelle Cook (far right) and Kim Holsapple (second from left) were two of the four passengers who died when an Amtrak track derailed in Missouri Monday (Photos: AP/REX/GoFundMe)

Two victims among the four who died in an Amtrak wreck in Missouri have been identified as sisters getting up to use the toilet on board the train.

Rachelle Cook, 58, and Kim Holsapple, 56, of Desoto, Kansas, were on their first vacation in years. They were on their way to Chicago with their mother and Holsapple’s daughter when the train derailed Monday, injuring 150 passengers.

“Kim and her sister Rachelle went to the toilets with Tiffany, where while they waited their turn, the train derailed, slipped hundreds of meters on its side, holding many and killing the two mothers while sparing Tiffany,” Holsapple’s partner Jim Hart wrote on Facebook, referring to the daughter.

Hart said the four travelers packed their clothes and cooler boxes and left to-do lists for him and other family members who stayed behind.

The sisters died while their mother and one of the victims' daughters were hospitalized

The sisters died while their mother and one of the victims’ daughters were hospitalized (Photo: GoFundMe)

“Their mother Pauline, who was still in her upstairs seat, was also injured and had to be hospitalized,” Hart said in the post seen by the Daily Mail. “Many more were injured and an additional passenger died the next day.”

Cook and Holsapple were pronounced dead at the scene, along with truck driver Billy Barton II, 54, of Brookfield, Missouri. A fourth passenger, Binh Pham, 82, of Kansas City, Missouri, died at a hospital on Tuesday.

Hart described the mothers as “dear ladies” on a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs surrounding their deaths.

“They were excited to be on their first trip together in many years. This was their four-day vacation,” Hart wrote.

“They leave behind many loved ones, including children and grandchildren.”

There were about 275 passengers and a dozen crew members on board when eight cars overturned on their sides as the train traveling at 90 miles per hour hit a level crossing in Mendon. The train started its journey in Los Angeles.

Hospitalized passengers suffered “injuries ranging from minor to serious,” according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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