Alex Jones yells at viewers to buy his products, saying it’s ‘life and death’

Infowars presenter Alex Jones has resorted to yelling at his viewers to buy his products, telling them to “support the enemy” if they don’t.

On a recent episode of his podcast, the infamous conspiracy theorist told viewers there was a “war on you and your family of inflation and collapse” and that unnamed forces were working to “silence the leaders.”

“So if you keep us in the fight, you keep yourself in the fight, and this is life and death,” he shouted. β€œSo go to and get great products. … Make a donation to the top.”

“If you don’t support us, you help the enemy,” he added.

Its products include a range of vitamins and supplements, survival gear and branded items.

He also told viewers to donate to the defense fund of Roger Stone, the longtime confidant of Donald Trump who was sentenced to 40 months in prison for multiple offenses including tampering with witnesses, lying to Congress and obstructing the House investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 campaign. Trump pardoned him before leaving office.

Three companies owned by Jones, a multimillionaire, filed for bankruptcy last month because he wants to avoid paying damages in lawsuits he lost over his lies about the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.

After 26 people were killed in the Connecticut massacre in 2012, Jones insisted it was a “hoax” staged by actors, and he took advantage of his lies. He has since admitted that the massacre of children and adults took place.

Families of the victims have successfully sued him.

Jones has filled his pockets by spreading fear and conspiracy theories and blatantly pushing products that capitalize on them. In 2020, he started selling fake products that he falsely claimed cured COVID-19, including toothpaste.

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