Albanian takes majority government; Dutton says voters ‘had enough’; ‘Polar storm’ sweeps through eastern Australia, leaving thousands without power; The first cruise departs from Sydney Harbor today; Texas School Shooting Updates

Albanian is not shying away from its ambitious agenda, saying the government has a “responsibility” to deliver.

“Definite work, pressure on the cost of living. Cheaper childcare,” he said.

“We will strengthen Medicare. We will fix elderly care. We will make sure we make more things here in Australia and become a more resilient economy with advanced manufacturing.

“We will end the climate wars.”

He also promised to introduce legislation “this year” for a federal anti-corruption commission and a budget in October.

“We will demonstrate that we are an inclusive and mature country by recognizing the privilege we have to share this great island continent of ours, this great multicultural nation, with the oldest continuous civilization on the planet and by recognizing that in our Constitution with an Enshrined Voice to Parliament.”

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