On Thursday (September 22), things got heated after DJ Akademiks spanked some of hip-hop’s pioneers, calling them “dusty,” while suggesting they’ve all mishandled their finances. However, LL Cool J, one of the genre’s most successful emcees, took to social media to tackle the media personality hot take, explaining that the belief that someone who has no money means they have no value. , “a bad idea is” ‘ and ‘misinformed’.

LL Cool J speaks at Tribeca X during Tribeca Festival 2022- Cindy Ord/Getty Images for 2022 Tribeca Festival

“The record companies didn’t even believe in it. Nobody believed in it. How do you make a five-year plan or a ten-year plan for something that doesn’t even exist yet?” Why several hip-hop forefathers and students agreed to champion the Rock The Bells legend, DJ Akademiks responded by doubling down on the genre’s pioneers “doing nothing” when it came to business.

“A lot of n***as grew up watching you, and they all signed the same damn deal,” he shouted during a live Twitch session. “10-15 years later after you did it. What the hell have you done, my n***a.” Ak’s tirade didn’t end there. The 31-year-old continued: “It’s not that I don’t respect older artists. It’s just that I know that when it comes to business, you haven’t done anything.”

Akademik’s sound-off comes on the heels of Funk Flex intervening in his LL Cool dispute, welcoming both sides to his show to share their views on the subject. “WOULD LOVE TO CHOOSE AN ARTIST LIKE AN LL OR AN TO HAVE A GREAT NON-CONFRONTATIONAL CONVO ON YOUR PLATFORM OR MINE! THAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE EVER.”

Watch LL Cool J’s video below.