AFL News 2022: Heritier Lumumba Shares Leaked Audio of Nathan Buckley Meeting

Heritier Lumumba has leaked audio of a private meeting with former Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley recorded in 2014.

Former Collingwood defender Heritier Lumumba has leaked audio of a 2014 meeting with Nathan Buckley, where the ex-Magpies coach accuses him of throwing club president Eddie McGuire “under the bus”.

On Monday, Buckley claimed Lumumba’s version of events surrounding his experiences at the club “wasn’t the truth I know to be true,” prompting the 2010 All-Australian to post a lengthy response on social media.

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The audio, which comes from Lumumba’s last tumultuous year with Collingwood, was shared on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon and confirms the 35-year-old’s claim that Buckley had shamed him for condemning McGuire’s infamous King Kong gaffe.

In the clip, Buckley tells Lumumba, “You threw him under the bus. You threw him under the bus, mate.’

Lumumba intervenes: “I didn’t throw him under the bus, and we can’t get through that again.

“This is part of my problem because you still believe that, and that’s what hurts me so much Bucks, and I know you’ve been wearing it the whole time.”

Buckley responds: “What it all comes back to is, are you really thinking about the interests of the football club?

“You’ve become a bit of a villain and you could call it leadership, but you’ve basically gone alone, not in interfaces, but sometimes on your own crusades.”

The 49-year-old immediately responded to Lumumba’s Twitter post: “Heriter, I am offering you the opportunity to make a full and unadulterated version of our conversations public to provide context to our conversations and further the support that has been provided to you.” exceeds what may reasonably be expected under the circumstances.”

The audio leak comes after Lumumba made a series of new allegations of misconduct at his former club, including an assistant coach’s use of a pornographic image during a team meeting in 2014.

“An assistant coach showed a pornographic image during a team meeting to emphasize a point he was making,” Lumumba said in the file handed to him. The Herald Sun

“One of the team rules was to ‘come forward’, so he showed a picture of a group of about five or more men cumming on a woman’s face with the words ‘come forward’ captioned.

“Nathan Buckley was the head coach and seemed unimpressed by it all.”

Lumumba also alleged that former chief executive Gary Pert made sexually inappropriate comments in front of players’ wives and partners during a night out in 2011.

He demanded an apology and Pert was forced to apologize to the players, but Lumumba said he felt targeted afterward.

The document also revealed the extent of his ongoing dispute with Buckley, claiming that Buckley “became more and more paranoid about me” during his senior year at Collingwood.

“During team meetings, I saw him constantly staring at me, and even when he spoke in front of the group, he constantly looked down on me,” Lumumba wrote.

“It became too much for me, so I confronted him privately. He claimed that he thought I judged him by his intelligence and that I was demanding too much from the club.

“When it came to the culture of the club, he became hyper-defensive because he stuck to the norms and values ​​he was supposed to lead.”

Lumumba has repeatedly spoken out about an alleged racist culture that he believes existed in Collingwood during his time at the club. He says there was a culture of “racist jokes” and claims he was referred to as “chimpanzee” by teammates.

He originally planned to present his file to Collingwood as part of the reconciliation process after the… Do it better racism report, which ultimately led to McGuire’s resignation as president of Magpies.

But that did not happen after Lumumba, Leon Davis and Andrew Krakouer formally cut ties with the club last month over its handling of racism allegations.

Buckley responded to Lumumba’s claims on Monday morning’s radio on SEN: “I’m not going to go into detail and I’m not going to say that Heritier is right here, wrong here, because that’s his perspective on the truth.

“But there are other versions of the truth that are far removed from the way he perceives it.

“Mine is very different from what he presents, but the context becomes important and the whole idea of ​​the process is to have an open dialogue, a respectful dialogue so that you can actually move forward in a positive way.

“Looks like Heritier doesn’t really want to move forward unless, I don’t know, heads have to roll. I’m not exactly sure what he’s looking for or what his requirements are to feel like he’s been listened to.

“He has apologized to – I have apologized to him; the club has apologized to him…for the environment he is in – and not just for Heritier – but for the other native players who have come through.

“I haven’t been perfect as a leader. I haven’t been perfect as a person.

“I’ve consciously thought about this – I put my head on the pillow last night and I slept well because I know I’ve had my imperfections and the things I’m responsible for.

“My conscience is clear in that regard – it doesn’t mean I’ve been perfect, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t have done things better – but I’m open to continuing to learn and I think the club will too.”

Heritier Lumumba .’s full statement

“I’ve given Nathan Buckley many years to grow and hopefully tell the truth,” he tweeted.

“Unfortunately, he has used his platform and considerable profile to discredit me, including insinuating my mental health and being deliberately misleading about the past.

“My claims about Buckley have always been consistent: that he was actively aware of serious cultural issues at Collingwood, and that he was instrumental in punishing me and pushing me out of the club when I spoke of these issues on all levels of CFC.

“The most notable example of Buckley undermining me was a press conference in 2017 where he denied having any knowledge of the racist nickname ‘chimpanzee’ to which I was subjected at the Club. He also suggested that I was mentally unstable.

Here you can hear Buckley tell me how I got banned for speaking out about Eddie McGuire’s racist comments about Adam Goodes – and Buckley responded by accusing me of ‘rogue’ and ‘throwing McGuire under the bus.’ This was recorded in 2014 just before I was traded.

“This was Buckley’s attitude in 2014 when I simply asked to protect people’s basic human and labor rights. In 2020, the Do Better report proved that CFC still failed to meet minimum legal requirements for human rights protection in the workplace.

“A lot of people have asked what I want. For the past 15 months I have been in dialogue with CFC, open to find a way forward. I did this in good faith, despite the Club’s history, because I believed in the possibility of a process of healing and improvement.

“The trial was overseen by the same legal team that had tried to stop the publication of the Do Better Report. I found CFC’s behavior deceptive and manipulative, geared more toward harm reduction than anything in the spirit of true reconciliation.

“The disgraceful behavior and disrespect of CFC’s lawyers towards independent First Nations experts at a meeting — which sparked several heated exchanges between them — led to the final collapse of all dialogue.

Buckley can talk as much as he wants about ‘multiple truths’. I have always presented facts. Everything I’ve said so far is accurate because it’s based on the multitude of recordings I’ve collected over the past 10 years to protect myself, my reputation, and my legal interests.

“The sponsors of the AFL and CFC can’t just keep their heads in the sand. When clubs are unable to address serious systemic and cultural problems, the organizations that fund and benefit from them must also take responsibility.”

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