Adele chokes during her homecoming Hyde Park performance: ‘I’m so happy to be here’

An emotional Adele said she was “so happy” to be back playing in front of her home crowd as she fought back tears at her first UK live show in five years.

The singer headlined the first of two nights at the British Summertime festival in London’s Hyde Park on Friday, where she treated sold-out crowds to a string of hits from her four number 1 albums.

Adele took the stage and was blown away as she sang the opening lyrics to her hit song Hello.

She choked, stopped singing, and said, “I’m so happy to be here,” before asking the audience to help her with the vocals.

She later said: “Guys, I’m back home, too, where I know. The number of times I’ve been drunk on my face there, singing along with other performers at these shows.

She added that she was “excited” to be back on stage, but that she found it “strange to be in front of a crowd again,” which included her son and one of her closest friends.

Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Luke Evans, Gavin & Stacey star James Corden and former One Direction singer Niall Horan were also in attendance.

Tom Cruise was photographed backstage in one of the VIP areas

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During the two-hour set, she performed classic songs and new hits, including Rumor Has It, One and Only, To Make You Feel My Love, Rolling In the Deep and Easy On Me.

Adele also stopped her performance of Bond-themed Skyfall to help a fan who needed help and called for security.

To close the show, Adele sang Love Is A Game accompanied by a fireworks display as she told the audience, “I love you London so much.”

Adele will perform at the festival for two nights
Adele will perform at the festival for two nights

Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Prior to her latest issue, she appeared to be referring to the last-minute postponement of her Las Vegas residency earlier this year.

“I know a lot of things have happened to this album and I’m sure a lot of you feel like you’ve been let down and stuff, which is really humbling and upsetting to me,” she said.

“But I take my singing very seriously and the last thing I would want to do is disappoint people, but I had to do that, it just wasn’t right.”

Adele sang a plethora of her biggest hits for fans
Adele sang a plethora of her biggest hits for fans

Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Adele pulled the plug on US dates at the last minute in January because the show wasn’t ready yet.

In an interview on The Graham Norton Show the following month, she said she’s “working her ass” to reschedule the dates, and that “it will happen 100% this year.”

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