Adam Sandler Reveals Woman’s Request For His On-Screen Kiss With Jennifer Aniston In Murder Mystery 2

Audiences loved the chemistry of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and as a result, the two stars have appeared in multiple movies together. However, despite their professional and personal histories, there is still one aspect of the job where Sandler tends to be skittish: kissing his opponent. His distaste for kissing Aniston on screen led to an unexpected note from his wife, Jackie Sandler. The Uncut Gemstones actor has now revealed request to hug him and Aniston in the coming Murder Mystery 2

The Sandlers have produced several projects together, including the first murder mystery, so the lady sees quite a bit of her husband’s work on set. And that, of course, includes his recent on-screen kiss with Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler joked with Access Hollywood that he resents having his female co-stars kiss him, especially in front of his wife. But apparently his wife’s feelings about this are a little different, as she was actually encouraging him to give Aniston his best. Sandler said exactly:

That’s a lot, yes. My movie kisses are never as good as they could be. It’s not just her, I feel sorry for whoever I have to kiss. I’m like ‘They don’t want to do this.’ But I do. Jennifer is one of my best friends and Jackie’s best friends. So, she says, “Would you please give Jennifer some pleasure with that kiss?”

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