ABBA music drives Mia Tindall crazy as Mike’s daughter shows off dance moves | Royal | News

In a video posted on Twitter, Mia, eight, was seen dancing to one of ABBA’s most famous songs, Dancing Queen. The youngster was joined by her cousin, Savannah Phillips, 11. Royal viewers reacted to the video on social media, with many saying how much they loved watching the two girls have fun.

Rosemarie Ragbir (@RagbirRosemarie) wrote, “I absolutely love seeing the girls having a ball with ABBA.”

She added: “I wish Prince Louis had joined.

“He would have taken it to the next level.”

Another @cm12_cathy agreed, writing: “Love seeing the young cousins.”

In his podcast, The Good the Bad and the Rugby, Mr Tindall said: “Louis just wanted to have fun.

“My two are always naughty.

“There was a lot of candy in the distance.

“So they had full sugar highs.

“It’s tough for them. They’re all young.

“It was from two to five or whatever.

“It’s a long time.”

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