A round of shots for our friends

If you’re doubly vaxxed because the heat is off, think of your friendly barista, restaurant, or bartender who is still in the line of fire every day.

Before we get into this article, let’s recognize what an amazing human being you are if you’ve already been double vaxxed.

You’ve helped keep those around you safe and beds free in our hospitals, and your two shots have allowed South Australian hospitality to flow freely again.

But COVID-19 is still circulating and impacting the hospo sector. That’s why it’s very important to get your third shot, even if you’ve had COVID-19.

Part Time Lover director Joshua Baker has to deal with one of his teams being sidelined and waiting for test results for another, when City of Mag speaks to him. As he talks to us about the impact of COVID-19, it’s not the projected profit and loss statements and overnight returns that are of most concern to him. It’s the people he works with and the impact on them.

“When you have a great team, you want to… wrap them up and keep them safe,” he says of working with COVID in the community.

“People who work in the hospitality industry are inherently resilient anyway, because it’s a hardcore industry.

“You work with a lot of people and you have to deal with different emotions and customers. There are many challenges, but also so many rewarding things.

†[Hospo workers] have such a positive energy. And that’s so important to the word ‘hospitality’ – what we do for a living is we have to take people for an experience and a ride when they enter our locations.”

Adelaide has returned from the shadows of lockdown and there is optimism in the air. Joshua says it’s “great” to be back up and running at full capacity.

“I think what has happened is that people are really embracing this [new] environment, to go out and experience these things. Our numbers look exceptional, to be honest, that’s just a breath of fresh air.

“We are so lucky here in South Australia and Adelaide to have some of the best hospitality entrepreneurs, some of the best produce and wine in the world.”

Part Time Lover co-owners Luke Turton and Josh Baker during the 2020 lockdown

However, with COVID still circulating for the foreseeable future, he says “still scary” from a business point of view. Sick leave exacerbates industry-wide staff shortages in kitchen and bar staff. And now flu season is approaching.

As you would expect from someone so passionate about the industry and his team and clients, Joshua has had three injections, plus his seasonal flu shot. He’s also come in contact with someone with COVID and hasn’t contracted it — something he attributes to his third injection, the “mask you can’t see.” Now he advocates for others to do the same.

“Let’s listen to the health advice we’re getting because COVID is real and it’s serious,” he says. “Nobody wants another lockdown, or any of these luxuries being taken away from us. And if you’ve had two shots, take the third shot.

“And if there’s a fourth, let’s take the fourth. And if it’s something that happens every year for the rest of our lives to keep us going, let’s just do it.”

There are plenty of reasons to follow Josh’s lead, especially with a myriad of winter festivals and events popping up on the calendar.

So, if you really want to support your favorite bar or coffee spot, or just party like it’s 2019, don’t wait any longer, book your third shot now.


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