A new curriculum that qualifies determined people to set up private projects

The Ministry of Community Development has issued a training curriculum for Mashael Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Centers, which specialize in training and vocational rehabilitation for determined people in Mashael Centers affiliated with the Ministry, through individual training plans.

Wafaa Hamad bin Suleiman, director of the Ministry’s Department of Care and Rehabilitation of Determined People, said the curriculum is the first of its kind in the UAE that targets trainees of determined people outside the reach of rehabilitation centers that use the training workshop systems. , and it falls within the initiative to develop vocational rehabilitation programs in line with the demands of the labor market, stemming from national policies to empower people with determination, especially in the axis of “vocational rehabilitation and employment”.

She added that the curriculum is aimed at the members of the “Mashaghel” centers with mental and other disabilities, who want training in professional, social and behavioral skills that qualify them to enter the labor market by setting up their own projects with the participation and support of their families.

She emphasized that this integrated process of training, rehabilitation and self-employment requires a clear and systematic method followed by the trainers in the Mashael centers, which helps to formulate individual training plans for each student individually, after going through an evaluation phase. which introduces us to the abilities and training needs.

She revealed that 110 students of determination took part in state-level jobs, and 14 of them graduated by opening special projects that ranged between the bracelets of determination projects and hydroponics.

The ministry continues to support them by marketing their products in electronic and virtual marketing outlets and exhibitions. It is also continuing to implement the expansion plan to accommodate a greater number of determined people who face difficulties entering the competitive labor market, giving them an additional option to work on opening small private projects.

She confirmed the willingness of the Ministry to formulate the vocational qualification curriculum for “Mashaghel” projects, including the basis for measuring the current level of achievement of students, and a wide range of sequential training, educational, social and behavioral goals, from which they may be selected in proportion to the abilities of each student, with proposals for training methods and appropriate teaching methods.

She explained that the vocational training workshop curriculum would unify the work in the different training workshops, thus helping to follow a unified methodology, with clear basis for measurement and evaluation, and follow the student’s development in achieving the goals set in the training plans. hopes that this curriculum will contribute to the programming of workshop projects, clarity of the training process, whether for female trainers, students or their parents, to ensure the success of the training and rehabilitation process, and enable the beneficiaries of these projects to open their future projects that will bring them a decent life and an independent life.

The curriculum (Workshops) includes several sections: cognitive skills related to the hydroponics workshops within the “Community Agriculture” project, the bracelets workshop, the behavioral skills and marketing skills section, including methods of talking to the public and financial transactions, in addition to the section on cooperative skills and a section on promoting skills of parents as partners in the training process from home, to achieve functional independence for members affiliated with Mashael centers.

• 110 determined people have participated in “workshops” at the state level.

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