A girl commits 30,000 dirham traffic violations in the name of her sister

A girl (Gulf Arab) complied with her mother’s request and bought her sister a car, through a bank loan, and had the car registered in her name due to the closure of her sister’s traffic file due to the high number of traffic violations against The girl obliged the defendant to transfer the ownership of the car to the competent traffic authority, and obliged her to pay all violations, fees and legal costs.lawyer, and dismissed the case.

A girl filed a lawsuit declaring that, at her mother’s request, and since the defendant was her sister, she had accepted the registration of the defendant’s driver’s license in her name with the Traffic and Licensing Department, and that the vehicle is mortgaged to the bank in her name, provided that the defendant has taken out the car loan and paid the loan from the bank.

She explained that the reason for accepting to register the car in her name was to close her sister’s traffic file, due to the many traffic violations. She went on to say that she was surprised that her sister committed other traffic violations worth 30,775 dirhams, and the car was impounded, causing her great damage.

She added that she had to go to court to request the cancellation of the reservation based on her mother’s wishes, and that the defendant’s traffic violations and failure to follow traffic instructions harmed her, because the defendant failed to pay for the traffic violations registered in her name, so that she was unable to renew her own car license, and her inability to register a car in her name or in the name of her children, especially because the violations committed by her sister in changing her traffic code, not the defendant, leading to the revocation of her license.

She indicated that, despite her request to the defendant to pay the fines, she did not move a finger. For its part, the Defendant admitted in court that the actual ownership of the vehicle belongs to her and that she makes the payments of the vehicle to the bank, and she has no objection to transferring the vehicle in her name, but the Traffic Department refuses to transfer ownership of the car in her name, due to the existence of mortgage terms on the car that belong to the bank, and I asked for a deadline to review the bank regarding the transfer of ownership and payment of violations.

In the judgment, the court confirmed that the defendant could not prove that she had paid the traffic violations, despite her claim that she had paid them, contrary to the reality, and accordingly the court will oblige her to pay the plaintiff 30 thousand and 775 dirhams, the value of the traffic violations she committed, which is on the car.

• The Traffic Service closed the girl’s file because of her many traffic violations.

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