A dealer gives away his luxury car to a con man who claimed to be a “prestige person”.

An Arab did not comply with the necessary legal measures to protect himself from fraud, and transferred the ownership of a luxury car, the price of which is 761 thousand and 920 dirhams, to the property of another person, without paying money for it. received, after it misled him that he works in a prestigious job and buys the vehicle for an important person, even though the victim works in the car trade.

The Public Prosecution Service referred two suspects in the case to the criminal court, one of whom was accused of fraudulently seizing money transferred to others (the car) and of participating in the crime by taking out a phone chip in his name, and handing it over to the second suspect for use in fraud crimes.

The Court of First Instance ruled that the defendants should be jailed for six months and fined them 761,920 dirhams for the car.

In detail, the facts of the case – as established in the certainty of the court and reassured by his conscience – stated that the victim owns a company in Dubai that specializes in converting vehicles into rare forms, and placed an advertisement for the sale of his vehicle on one of the famous shopping sites, and he received a message through the “WhatsApp” application in which the owner introduced himself as an Emirati citizen practicing a prestigious profession.

He asked him to show him the nicest car he had, so the victim sent him photos of a luxury vehicle, and the suspect expressed his desire to buy it, after misleading him that it would be bought for a important personal interest.

In the investigation of the prosecution, the victim stated that he reassured the suspect when he told him that, and he agreed with him about the right price, and they agreed to buy it for 761 thousand and 920 dirhams, after which the suspect sent him a person’s name to transfer the property to his name, so the victim actually registered it in that person’s name, without being paid, and later finds out that the car is for sale in a showroom in another emirate.

The second suspect denied participation in the crime, explaining that he had a phone number in his name and that a friend of his who lived in an Arab country asked him to get a chip in the suspect’s name so that he could could register. in a telephone program that required the presence of a local Emirati number, so he gave him a number and gave it to his brother who lived in the country, because the latter has several numbers to his name and cannot extract additional chips, indicating that he did not know that the suspect would use the chip to defraud others.

The court documents included a copy of the vehicle ownership certificate in the name of the victim, then a certificate of transfer in the name of another person convicted in similar cases, while the first defendant failed to appear in court despite his announcement.

The Court of First Instance confirmed its reassurance that the second defendant in the case had fraudulently seized a vehicle belonging to the victim, using a false name and claiming to be of a nationality other than his own.

She explained that the court has the discretion to extract the availability of material and legal elements and the availability of criminal intent for the crime of fraudulently appropriating the money of others, given that the evidence in total leads to the full conviction of the court and its reassurance of its conclusion.

And she reaffirmed her satisfaction with the victim’s testimony, the documents proving the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, and the acknowledgment of the first defendant that he unwrapped a telephone chip and handed it over to the second for use in fraud, ruling that she six months imprisonment and a fine of 761 thousand and 920 dirhams, while the Court of Appeal overturned the verdict against the accused of criminal participation due to the expiration of the case by atonement.

• The Dubai Criminal Court ruled that the defendant should be jailed for six months and fined Dirham 761.9 thousand.

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