The South won last night. After nearly two years of rumors and speculation, the highly anticipated Verzuzo between UGK and 8Ball & MJG has finally happened. Bun B came by representing himself and the late Pimp C, while the Memphis duo made sure viewers are reminded of their influence on rap. There were several standout moments throughout the evening, but it was a message 8Ball sent to Million dollars worth of game co-host Gillie Da Kid who sparked a dialogue online.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

8Ball refuted previous claims Gillie made suggesting that J. Prince was chasing the Memphis rapper in Houston. The story was about Gillie’s meeting with J. Prince, who knew Lil J at the time, and the late DJ Screw. 8Ball took a moment to yell the “fake news” and encouraged Gillie to give an honest account of what happened.

“Gillie Da Kid told a story about us running away from Lil J in the parking lot one night. Gillie Da Kid, you’re remembering that wrong,” he said. “You’ve never been in a car with me. My first gun ownership was in Houston, you can look that shit up. And Lil J, we have nothing but respect for that man, and he has nothing but respect for us” We still have never have to run from Lil J. Do you hear me, man? So get your story right and get back online and say who was really there that night.”

Watch the clip below.