6 shows and movies that do nostalgia right (and 4 that don’t)

Speaking of Taika Waititi, to me he is the Spielberg of today, with a special power in sharing stories of found families. (Every time he makes a movie or produces a show by nurturing creatives we need and breaking barriers for the marginalized, I turn into the Jeff Goldblum “you did it” meme.) Boyreleased in 2010, is about a kid growing up in New Zealand in the 80s (just like Waititi did), and in 2014 What we do in the shadows with its coven of vampire forever roommates, you really saw how even on the fringe ties make life worth enduring. But it was 2016 Hunting the Wildervolk that really put Waititi on the map as a modern day great who can capture the magic and whimsy of coming of age in ways that convey the timeless challenges of overcoming opportunity. It’s actually a live action too Upwards filled with well-known Waititi employees such as Sam Neill (Jurassic World Dominion) in one of his greatest recent performances, Rachel House (moana), and Rhys Darby (Our flag means death

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