50 times people have made something so amazing out of leather, they just had to share photos in this group

While it may seem like a very special craft full of intricacies, leatherworking is actually a great skill to pick up for beginners. Start-up costs are relatively low and the basic techniques are easy enough to understand before moving on to more advanced projects. Not only can it be a fun hobby, but it can also be used to make useful items such as shoes, clothes, backpacks, purses, furniture, and more.

According to The Crucible, there are endless possibilities when you start planning learning projects. But as a beginner, you should start with something relatively simple: a card holder, a key fob, a pet collar, or a leash. It teaches one the basic skills of preparing, cutting, encasing, dyeing, sewing, beveling and polishing leather, opening avenues for more complex projects.

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