4 Pioneering Research Scholarships in Abu Dhabi Funded by “Ghadan 21”

Aspire (the technology program management division of the Advanced Technology Research Council in Abu Dhabi) has identified eight priority strategic sectors for scientific research in Abu Dhabi, including aerospace, energy, environment, health and biotechnology, food and agriculture, materials and manufacturing, and Education (Science, Technology and Engineering) and Mathematics), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), noting that it provides four research grant programs funded through the Government Aid Program “Ghadan 21”, to support scientific research in these sectors, including the Aspire Grants for Research Excellence, the Aspire Grants for Young Researchers and the Virtual Research Centers program, in addition to the Visiting Professors program.

In detail, Aspire confirmed its collaboration with global partners to find solutions to key local and global challenges, focusing on the fields of aviation, advanced materials, information and communication technology, digital security, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, health, food, sustainability and energy, by attracting the best researchers and talents in the world to live and work in Abu Dhabi, and establish a globally known competitive funding platform, to build research capacities in the emirate and strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position in the field of scientific research, innovation and technological development at the global level.

Aspire explained that its Abu Dhabi Research Excellence Scholarships program is a competitive program to fund leading research proposals that contribute to scientific and technological advancement and development in the emirate, as well as to establish meaningful partnerships between scientists and academic pioneers in Abu Dhabi on the one hand. , and on the other the industrial organizations that work with them. , at the local and global level, pointing out the possibility of extending the program for a period of three years, with a budget of up to one million dirhams, for non-educational proposals. The budgets in the field of education amount to a maximum of 400,000 dirhams.

She pointed out that the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Program for Young Researchers is available to those who have obtained a PhD or its equivalent within the past six years and that it is a competitive program to fund leading research proposals focusing on aerospace and space, energy, environment, health, biotechnology, food and agriculture, materials and manufacturing, and education.

She added that the young researchers award program can be extended by two years, with a budget of up to 200,000 dirhams, for non-educational or social science proposals.

As for budgets in education and social sciences, the maximum limit is 100,000 dirhams.

She pointed out that the Virtual Research Centers program is one of the competitive funding programs that support leading research proposals that revolve around the establishment of research centers in priority areas for Abu Dhabi, to stimulate innovation, increase economic diversification and build human capital with advanced skills, while the International Visiting Professor program is considered a program funding, it aims to accelerate the research output of the emirate by attracting prominent international researchers to work in the research system in Abu Dhabi.

3 virtual research institutes

Aspire announced the funding of three virtual research institutes at the universities of Abu Dhabi with 200 million dirhams over a period of five years. The third hypothetical research, which focuses on sustainable energy production, storage and use, and the development of solutions for renewable energy and advanced sustainable technologies. The institute will partner with New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology and other international institutions.

The Abu Dhabi Virtual Research Institute for Precision Medicine will seek to underline the urgent need for a comprehensive healthcare system. In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), he will develop a series of research projects to treat some of the most common diseases.

While the Abu Dhabi International Institute for Virtual Research on Food Security in Dry Areas strives for food security by providing data platforms and advanced simulation tools for tracking animal and foodborne diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

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