33 of the Best Cooling Products to Beat the Summer Heat

One of the most luxurious feel we’ve tested, the Parachute linen sheets have a pleasant hand weight and unique texture. The Parachute sheets are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and every other piece of the bedding set is available separately for replacement or to mix and match with other fabrics.

The light and meshy, yet durable Citizenry sheets are a masterclass in stylish tranquility. Woven in a mill in Portugal from French flax, these have deep pockets and a generously sized top sheet that fits any depth of the bed.

The Brooklinen sheets are soft and light and effectively dissipate heat for those who sleep warmly, yet regulate heat well in cooler climates. At the same time high-end and already perfectly worn, these were lovely from the first touch.

The Simple & Opulence sheets held their own in comfort and design, with a soft feel right out of the box, and beautiful satin-stitched piping along the edge of the top sheet. The Simple & Opulence set has the weight and hand of much more expensive sheets, but costs almost half.

Cultiver linen sheets offer the best of all worlds and feel elegant right out of the box. Their fit on the bed is flawless and they only got softer with repeated washes. Available in more colors than any of the other blades we’ve tested, these are sure to suit almost any taste or style.

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