3 residents found dead in Rogers Park Senior Living Facility, officials say – NBC Chicago

Chicago police say at least three women have died after being discovered unresponsive at a retirement home in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Officials from the Fire Department and Chicago’s Department of Buildings and Family & Support Services were called to the building after receiving reports of high temperatures inside the building.

During a unit health check, they found three women, ages 67, 75 and 70, who were unresponsive in the building, according to a spokesman for the office of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. All three women were pronounced dead.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet issued a statement on the cause of death in the case, but no malicious intent is suspected.

Firefighters say temperatures in the building have dropped and they continue to blow cool air in:

According to the mayor’s office, a refrigerated van has also been brought to the facility.

“The investigation into the cause of death is still ongoing. We will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the residents of the buildings, and we will ensure that building management takes responsibility for the care of its residents,” said a spokesperson. “City representatives monitor building management when switching the air conditioning for the building.”

We’ll have more details on this story as they develop.

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