2022 Federal Election: Aussie Olympian Emma McKeon Wades Into Transgender Sports Debate

Six-time gold medalist Emma McKeon has weighed in on the transgender sports debate following Scott Morrison’s latest quest for cancel culture.

Aussie Olympian Emma McKeon has weighed in on the ongoing transgender sports debate, admitting she finds the idea of ​​competing against a biological man a “worry.”

The issue has been thrust into the public spotlight as the upcoming federal election approaches.

The coalition has been forced to address controversy over Warringah candidate Katherine Deves’ now-deleted comments about the transgender debate, while Scott Morrison has vowed to crack down on athletes who switch and then compete professionally.

McKeon, who won five gold medals in the Tokyo pool, said she doubted she would ever face the screenplay, but stressed the importance of fairness in competitive sport.

“I mean, I personally wouldn’t want to race against someone who is biologically a man, so that’s a concern,” McKeon said at Griffith University’s A Better Future For All seminar, as reported by InQueensland

“I don’t think I will have to race against a trans swimmer, I don’t think it will come to that.”

“But now that it’s a growing thing, the sport needs to think about how to handle it and how to handle it because you want to be inclusive, but you don’t want women racing against swimmers who are biologically male because it just isn’t fair.”

It came when Mr Morrison stated that Australians are “tired of walking on eggshells” for fear of offending anyone.

The prime minister jumped to defend those facing burnt careers over comments made in the past, urging Australia to stop “cancelling people” for speaking their minds.

“What I will not allow is for those who want to cancel Katherine simply because she has a different view of them on the issue of women and girls in sport,” Mr Morrison said.

“I think Australians are getting tired of having to walk on eggshells every day because one day they may or may not say something that will upset someone.” Mr Morrison said he was not giving support to people who are being “cancelled”.

“Now you shouldn’t try to upset anyone else, you shouldn’t try to upset people, you have to deal with things in a very sensitive way, but in this country I think it’s time to let people in, where they’ve made mistakes in the past about how they’ve said things, where they’re willing to put those things behind them, and focus sensitively on the issues they want to promote, that’s how they do it.”

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, MP Felicity Wilson and Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman have all pushed for Ms Deves to be rejected for her comments about the transgender community.

“It’s another split in the Liberal Party, but Morrison, I think, is playing it politically smart, and he’s taking a stance and the more he takes a stance it doesn’t go either way,” Mr Clennell told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

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