19 Shocking Revelations From Movie Characters


In now you see mewhen it turned out that Dylan was behind everything:


I went to see this movie and didn’t expect it to even be good, so this plot twist immediately surprised me.


In screamwhen it was revealed that Billy and Stu were the killers:

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Stu was almost more surprising to me here. “Surprise, Sidney” is an iconic line that will go down in horror movie history.


In Iron Manwhen Obediah was revealed as the villain:


The dude was a bit sketchy, but come on!!! Hire a man to kill the man who is like a son to you??? Wild.


In Spider-Man: Far From Homewhen Mysterio was revealed as Quentin Beck, a former Stark Industries employee with no superpowers:

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I love that this movie re-examined the Stark legacy and how humans are idolized after death. I really didn’t expect Mysterio to be the bad guy, so this was a really fun twist, and Jake Gyllenhaal played it so well and seemed like he was having so much fun.


In psychowhen Marion/Norman’s mother’s killer was revealed as Norman:


In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Backwhen Darth Vader revealed he was Luke’s father:


I mean come on. This is probably the best reveal of a movie character of all time.


In Wonder Womanwhen it was revealed that Sir Patrick Ares was:

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I know some people didn’t like this one, but I found it shocking, especially because the movie started playing in such a way that there was no Ares after all and people were just bad, lol.


In Frozenwhen Hans revealed himself as the bad guy:


This felt so shocking for a Disney movie in the best way. It was such a reversal of expectations!


In Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhen it was revealed that the Winter Soldier was Bucky:


Okay, to be honest, by the time I saw this I knew about it. However, it was still great.


In Shutter Islandwhen it was revealed that Teddy was actually Andrew Laeddis, a murderer and mental patient:

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How did Leo DiCaprio not win an Oscar for this???


In Crazy, stupid, lovewhen it was revealed that Hannah was “Nana” – aka Cal and Emily’s daughter:

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I’m obsessed with the reveal. It’s SO shocking for a rom-com, and it’s executed perfectly.


In Spider-Man: Homecomingwhen it was revealed Vulture was Liz’s father:


The Spider Man franchise low-key pulls out some of the best Marvel twists, even if they only affect that one movie and not the larger MCU. This was such a great movie that the personal commitment to Peter and the overall tension in the following scenes became much greater.


In Sawwhen Jigsaw revealed himself to Adam as the apparent corpse they had seen in the beginning:

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I have to hand it over Saw – the twist of the first movie was pretty clever. It’s super shocking and gives the movie a great, unique ending that’s still on par with the rest of the movie.


In The usual suspectswhen it turned out that Verbal Keyser was Söze:

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Another one of the best character reveals of all time, and that’s all I really have to say.


In Orphanthen it was revealed that Esther was actually a 33-year-old woman:

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SO CREEPY and so well done visually. Just a great spin all around.


In fight clubthen it was revealed that Tyler and the narrator were the same person:

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Another one of the greatest revelations of all time.


In The prestigewhen Angier found out that Borden were actually twins:

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This is such an underrated movie, and the final twist is just spectacular – and normally I don’t even like revelations about twins. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it now.


In Harry Potterwhen Snape revealed he was a Death Eater by killing Dumbledore:

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Yes, this happened first in the books, so it was no surprise to anyone who had read them. Still it was well done and shocking!!!


And finally, when Snape actually revealed himself as a double agent / still a good guy:

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Ditto about the books, but I really liked the way they did this in the movie (although I’m not a Snape fan).

What does your favorite movie character reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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