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There are some images that we know are supposed to be scary, creepy, eerie, or something like that…

I’m not sure which is more disturbing, but take a look through 15 of the latter type and try to decide!

15. That will give someone a heart attack.

I’m still not sure if it’s a pipe, to be honest.

For a moment I thought I was about to get shot from strangely terrifying

14. I’m all for individual preference.

But this doesn’t seem right.

Bird people makeup from strange terrifying

13. I knew birds scared me for a reason.

This would make me shit my pants.

The size of this prehistoric bird that actually existed one day was strangely terrifying

12. I absolutely hate it.

This cat would unfortunately have to find a new home.

I hate waking up to this. of strangely terrifying

11. The dogs are not okay with it.

That’s how you know you shouldn’t be.

Strange looking husky from strange terrifying

10. The only reason anyone would do this is to mess with people.

So congratulations, it works.

Why this is even necessary is what scares me… from strangely terrifying

9. That’s a dog with a job.

I certainly appreciate that but I wouldn’t want it.

An anti-wolf collar from oddlyterrifying

8. This makes me super sad.

Poor little baby.

and you think having a stuck popcorn kernel is bad from weirdly terrifying

7. No one will invite you to dinner again.

I don’t make the rules.

Stolen… from strangely terrifying

6. The literal stuff of nightmares.

Mine anyway. Biting turtle!

Image credit: Buzzfeed

5. Some people just need to ruin everything.

They want to see the world burn.

What and why. of strangely terrifying

4. I doubt that last statement.

But maybe I’m being so judgmental.

Of a very clean house, foot scouts honor of oddly terrifying

3. How to get your child to sleep in your bed every night.

If they don’t already, I mean.

it keeps a strangely terrifying eye on you

2. Let your imagination run wild.

But be prepared for the consequences.

Just washing a pair of regular rubber gloves accidentally opened the gate of hell of strangely terrifying

1. She may need an exorcist.

Bless her heart.

These two souls trapped in this woman’s knees. of strangely terrifying

I officially feel a little off balance right now.

I think this post has done its job!

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