10 Iconic Movie Cars That Aren’t Even Real

James Bond and cool cars together are the epitome of cool. The Bond franchise is known for its car chases, extravagant crashes and daring escapes. Six actors have played Agent 007 since 1963, and they’ve all driven a variety of cool cars, some equipped with space-based espionage and defensive capabilities. The fifth Bond, Pierce Brosnan, drove such a cool car in The World is Not Enough, a BMW Z8. As an Englishman, Bond had historically driven English cars such as Aston Martin and Lotus, but a product link with BMW in the 1990s changed all that.

In this film, we see Bond using some of the obligatory gadgets, such as rocket launchers, but also a prediction of what’s to come with a remote launch and call function, something unheard of in 1999. 1999 Z8, as it only existed in the 2000 model year. According to Top Gear, Z8 production wasn’t finished at the time of filming, so BMW supplied some unfinished pre-production cars and gave the producers specs to make other fully built custom cars powered by a Chevy V8 with a Jaguar-powered car. suspension for filming, especially the cut in half scene. The Z8 gets very little screen time in this movie, probably because they didn’t really have a complete car to work with.

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