Simu Liu stars in ‘The Simpsons’ episode as Lisa’s tech billionaire husband

Actor Simu Liu appeared on Sunday’s latest episode of “The Simpsons” as Lisa Simpson’s future “visionary tech giant” husband. Liu, known for starring in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” plays Hubert Wong, a successful entrepreneur who appears to be an amalgamation of well-known tech billionaires, including former Apple CEO Steve Jobs … Read more

How Wednesday filmed on Netflix Thing Photos – BuzzFeed

How Wednesday filmed Thing Photos on NetflixBuzz feed Wednesday BTS photos reveal how the thing crawled its way onto the screenCBR – Comic book resources This is how Netflix filmed it in ‘Wednesday’Capital city Behind-the-scenes footage on Wednesday shows how the thing came to lifeCollider Wednesday: Behind-the-scenes footage reveals how the thing was animatedMovieWeb See … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2022 results, groups, live scores schedule: Cristiano Ronaldo goal Portugal v Uruguay, Brazil result

Cameroon 3 v Serbia 3 Brazil 1-0 Switzerland South Korea 2-3 Ghana LIVE: Portugal 1-0 Uruguay Cristiano Ronaldo has been described as “too desperate” after celebrating a World Cup goal as his own despite not making contact with the ball. A stunning cross from compatriot Bruno Fernandes initially appeared to be nodded into the net … Read more

World Cup 2022: Ronaldo tries to claim Fernandes goal in Portugal v Uruguay | video

Controversy follows everywhere Cristiano Ronaldo goes. The Portuguese star was in the middle of the final game of day nine as he tried to help his country secure a place in the knockout stage. Earlier, Cameroon played a six-goal thriller with Serbia before Ghana stunned South Korea in a game that saw another five shots … Read more

Live updates: FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Portugal vs Uruguay, Brazil vs Switzerland

That was not a particularly sharp attack from Portugal, but Joao Felix forces a corner kick. It’s cleared up and Uruguay goes downfield, but they turn it around. Now there’s another tough tackle – Matías Vecino has absolutely clattered Ruben Neves. The midfielder is out and he seems to be in trouble here. There’s no … Read more