Sean Turnell reveals the grim life in Myanmar’s infamous prison

Sean Turnell has spoken out about his 650 days in a Myanmar prison, including his time in a “windowless box” and in an open cell exposed to the elements. Professor Turnell finally returned to Australia last week after spending nearly two years behind bars in Myanmar following a marathon attempt by Australian authorities and his … Read more

Australia must end migrant detention: UN

The United Nations Committee Against Torture has urged Australia to end mandatory detention for all unauthorized arrivals from abroad, including children. Australian Immigration Detention Center on Christmas Island. Photo: AAP/Richard Wainwright In a review published Friday, it also called for Canberra to raise the legal age of criminal responsibility, currently set at 10. The UN … Read more

WA Coroner investigates the role of ambulance ramps in Ashleigh Hunter’s death at the Royal Perth Hospital

The WA coroner is investigating whether the use of ambulances and staff in the Royal Perth Hospital emergency department caused delays in the treatment of a 26-year-old woman who died of a meningococcal infection. Most important points: The inquest heard that the ambulance carrying Mrs. Hunter was on a ramp It is being investigated whether … Read more

Reader’s letter: Changes on paper not in the interest of the readers

Article content I am aware that newspapers, perhaps especially smaller ones like the Star, are in a struggle for survival. Article content In many newsrooms, it’s not hard to envision conversations of “we need to refresh” or “we need to move with the times.” Their concern is understandable. Article content However, one would have thought … Read more

Opinion: The public debate about gun bans ignores Canada’s military history

Article content In May 2020, the federal government banned civilian ownership of military-style firearms, including 83,000 semi-automatic rifles cosmetically similar to the military’s C7. The Prime Minister stated that there was “no use and no place for such weapons in Canada”, claiming they were “designed for one purpose”, which was to kill people. The government … Read more

DineSafe: Health inspectors in Toronto find major violations in six restaurants on Nov. 24

Toronto Public Health issued six conditional passes to restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars and supermarkets on Nov. 24. Aslam Halal Meat And Supermarket at 4352 Kingston Road was given a suspended pass with three major offences: Failing to provide sufficient handwashing stations Store potentially hazardous foods at an internal temperature between 4°C and 60°C Use food … Read more

BBC says Chinese police assaulted a reporter covering unrest

The BBC has reported that police in China detained and assaulted one of its reporters covering the raging unrest in Shanghai. Ed Lawrence, a senior journalist and cameraman for the BBC’s China bureau, was arrested and beaten on Sunday during a protest against the country’s strict COVID restrictions, the news outlet reported. Lawrence was released … Read more